Major “Baba” Harbhajan Singh’s (August 3, 1941 – September 11, 1967) spirit guarding INDO-CHINA border


Baba Harbhajan Singh born into a Sikh family on August 3, 1941 in the village of Batthe Bhaini in Punjab India. Joined Indian army in 1956, he was posted in Sikkim during 1965.

He died on 11 september 1967, during battle at 14500 feet of the Nathula Pass, Sikkim where there were many fierce skirmishes between the Indian Army and Chinese Red Army during the 1965 Sino-Indian war. He was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra medal for his bravery and martyrdom on September 11, 1967.

According to some soldiers, Baba would warn the Indian soldiers of any attack from China at least the three days in advance.

Every year on September 11, a jeep departs with his personal belongings to the nearest railway station,New jalpaiguri , from where it is then sent by train to the village of Kuka, in kapurthala district in Punjab. A small sum of money is also contributed by soldiers posted in Nathula to be sent to his mother each month.There are also stories of soldiers discovering that he visited the camps at night, used the bedclothes and boots in his room.

It has also been claimed that the regiment still keeps an empty bed and other items of daily use. Some sources suggest that he continues to draw a major’s salary every month till date.

Jai baba harbhajan singh ji ki


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