Ravindra Kaushik- The Black Tiger.


“Kya Bharat jaise bade desh ke liye kurbani dene waalon ko yahi milta hai?”

Once a letter sent from Pakistan and received in Sri Ganganagar had its starting as above lines.

All of us watched a movie EK THA TIGER starring bollywood Bhai Salman Khan. There we enjoyed the story of a RAW spy Tiger.

But, have anyone of us praised the contributions of our spies in reallity? Answer will be NO in capital.

Its not your fault actually, their efforts are hidden from the public due to security reasons, but they still sacrifice themselves to make sure our country is secure from external threats. Similarly Ravinder Kaushik alias Black Tiger who was born on 11th April, 1952,in Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan. He was a fine theatre artist and a patriot. Due to his amazing acting skills RAW officials hired him at the age of 23, he joined RAW, had 2 years training in Delhi and went to Pakistan as an undercover agent. He got converted into a muslim as Nabi Ahmed Shakir and completed his LLB from Karachi University, later he joined Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer, who was later promoted to the rank of a Major. He later married a girl Amanat and had a son with her who died in 2012-13. As Pakistan planned to wage war, Kaushik’s role became crucial and he played it perfectly. During his years of service, he passed on valuable information that helped India to remain a step ahead of their neighbour at all times. He was given the title of ‘Black Tiger’ by India’s then home minister S.B. Chavan. In 1983, RAW sent another agent to get in touch with Kaushik, but he was caught by Pakistani Intelligence and resulted in Kaushik’s arrest. He was tortured for two years during interrogation after which he was sentenced to imprisonment for life. He managed to secretly send letters to his family in India, which revealed his poor health condition and the trauma faced by him in Pakistani jails.

In one of his letters he wrote,

“Kya Bharat jaise bade desh ke liye kurbani dene waalon ko yahi milta hai?” (Is this the reward a person gets for sacrificing his life for a great nation like India?)

On 26 july 1999, after spending years in jail in disappointment about his own nation leaving him for dead, he died of tuberculosis. He was buried behind that New Central jail Multan. All Kaushik got for serving his nation selflessly was negligence from the government, absolutely no recognition after he died.

Team ROARING TIGER urges everyone to share the story of this legend.

A salute to this lagend…


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