Sagar Singh- A Tiger buried in the History


Once in the Sabha of Rani Laxmi Bai , a messenger came running.

Messenger- A dacoit Sagar Singh of Baruwasagar ( a place near Jhansi) had looted some zamindars.

Rani laxmi bai to Khudabaksh, one of his General – It seems that it has become necessary to arrest Sagar Singh.

(But unfortunately Khudabaksh and his soldiers were not able to arrest him.)

The wounded Khudabaksh and his injured Soldiers sent a messenger to Rani laxmi bai about their failure in mission. Next day Rani, along with Diwan Raghunath Singh and 25 soldiers left to Baruwasagar to accompany khudabaksh.

But the river Betwa was turning, twisting and cutting its bank. Soldiers looked at the current of river and found that it’s not possible to cross the river even by boat.

Rani – No matter how flooded the river is? It cannot stop us from our mission.

She along with her soldiers entered into the river on the back of their horses. Somehow they managed to cross the river. When they reached on the other bank, Khudanaksh narrated them whole story and place of Sagar Singh.

Rani laxmi Bai without wasting the time attacked at Sagar singh’s camp and caught him alive.

Rani laxmi Bai interrogated him.

Sagar Singh- I am not dacoit actually I am Kunwar Sagar Sigh, my kingdom was captured by Britishers, so we turned up to dacoit, but we never looted any poor and needy people.

Sagar Singh – I along with my companion want to join your army.

Rani – First of all produce all your companions before me. If you will try to be over smart, you may be punished.

Sagar Singh- I Kunwar Sagar Singh,shall change my name if I cann’t submit my companions before you.

Sagar Singh did the same in a single night and he along with his gang joined Rani Laxmi bai’s army.

Sagar Singh promised Rani Laxmi Bai, that he will keep serving Jhansi till the last breath.

When Britishers attacked the Jhansi fort, Kunawar Sagar Sigh fought against them at Khanderao Gate of Jhansi and lost his life keeping his words of serving Jhansi for his whole life.

He was one of the brave hearts who were buried in the history.

Lets make him famous.

A salute to the legend….


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