Rukhsana Kausar – A true Jehadi


On 27th September 2009, at 9:30 P.m , when 3 L-e-T militants entered the house of Noor Hussain and demanded his 20 year old daughter Rukhsana Kausar be handed over to them.

When her parents and younger brother Aijaz tried to resist, the militants started hitting them with rifle butts. Rukhsana emerged from her hiding place with an axe and hit the LeT commander on his head. One of the militants opened fire, injuring Waqalat Hussain in his arm. Other family members joined Rukhsana in attacking the militants. Rukhsana picked up the commander’s AK47 rifle, retrieved another from the other militant, and threw it to her brother. Rukhsana shot the commander, killing him, and she and her brother fired on the other militants, forcing them to flee.

Rukshana and her brother then led their family to the Shahdra Shareif police post and handed over the weapons.

On October 31, 2009, unidentified gunmen threw two hand grenades and fired several rounds at Rukhsana’s house at around 10:30 pm. But luckily there was no family member in house at that time.

Later her family was shifted to a high-security police colony.

Later she received various awards for her bravery.

A salute to the Tigress.

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