Book Review: “Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories”- A novel by Deepanshu Saini & Vinita Gupta


Book Review: “Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories”

Author: Deepanshu Saini & Vinita Gupta

Publisher: Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-10: 8192851869

ISBN-13: 9788192851860

Genre: Adult Fiction

Rating: 4/5



The novel named “Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories” is the result of joint efforts of Deepanshu Saini & Vinita Gupta published by Omji Publishing House. I must say authors have done a commendable job and deserves appreciation to beautifully reveal the secrets of girl’s hostel.

Despite of being adult fiction novel, the story effortlessly touched upon all the emotions of friendship, love, trust, seduction and attraction. As the name suggests, it is a simple story of college life. But the old dish with new mouthwatering flavors has been served in a different plate in the form of this book. The story revolves around five friends – Shreya, Ridhi, Kirti, Shruti and Meghna. Alike other college girls, these are enthusiastic, adorable and not so mature girls. There are many other characters in the story as well.

The most interesting part of the story is the booze party on the last night of college life that has been transformed to a stripped card game which is weaved with the intimating, lovely, heartbreaking & touching secrets of the five girls revealed that night. College life is the most fascinating phase of everyone’s life which gives the most beautiful & profound memories of lifetime and so this book is.

Not only boys who always like to explore about the life of girls, but girls will also enjoy every page of it. With an easy language and with new climax after every few page count, Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories will take you all to a mesmerizing story.

I shall recommend this book to every college student and I am sure one would definitely connect to the feelings. Moreover, readers shall enjoy the perspective of a girl and a boy in writing.

The unspoken and unshared secrets of the dazzling damsels…

Girls… wild cats, bad witches or the queen of hearts, tough to guess

Read to explore the realms of the Girls…

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Book available at: (Infibeam) (Flipkart) (Amazon)


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