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– Shivangi Ramsay (About her publisher)

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A professor in English, Shivangi loves to write passionate stories for young adults. Being a fitness freak, she loves going for long walks. Watching daily soaps on Star Plus and Zee TV is one guilty pleasure that she cant resist indulging in from time to time. A coffee addict and a die-hard chocoholic, she loves daydreaming about brownies and cupcakes.

Her three books are already in market:-

“Passionate Love”

Rising lifestyle journalist Ambika Rana is known as a hopeless nerd, and a poor old maid among her friends and colleagues. Having absolutely no luck with men, she buries herself in her work, counting on a Pulitzer win that would set her on the road to stardom.

Ayaan Ramsay is her exact opposite. He is Indias most eligible bachelor and a successful entrepreneur who built his fortune from nothing. He has everything yet he feels a void in his life that only true love could fill.

So when her boss Shalini Sawhney asks Ambika to photograph the reclusive Ayaan for their popular lifestyle magazine Agaaz, Ambika takes it up as another boring assignment oblivious of the fact that love is about to sweep her off her feat.

Will Ayaan and Ambika get their happily ever after?
“Straight from a lover’s Heart”

This anthology brings together the best of Shivangi Ramsay’s stories on love and friendship.
“Mine for tonight”

Ramya Oberoi had a one-night stand with a stranger on New Years Eve. Deeply ashamed the morning after, she runs away. Education becomes her sole escape as she struggles hard to forget those sinful memories of soul-stirring passion. Sameer Razdan has not been able to forget the loving warmth of the woman whod surrendered herself so sweetly to him. Years later, their paths clash when they meet at the Law Council dinner. Will love give them a second chance?
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Why 90% of Seculars are anti-Hindu and muslim supporters?


Why are political parties in India favouring Muslims considered secular, but those supporting Hinduism are considered communal?

Its an expired funda of Indian politics, in fact because of this kind of behavior secularism is a dirty word in Indian politics these days. a true secular will not have religion as variable in its political calculation. However congress and such communal parties have paid heavy price in recent election because people to have realized this disgusting practice.

Relations between political parties and Muslims in India are more sentimental than rational. Instead of a healthy relation, one sees a relationship based on mutual exploitation, mistrust and blackmail. On one hand, political parties just want to use the Muslims for their immediate interests and on the other hand Muslims are content to be playing the role of pawns in political games.

Think four times before supporting any political party. Its all about our future.

Never go blind. Even If you don’t have eyes.

The Bridal Pyre – Nainam Dahati Pavakah by Avantika Debnath

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“The Bridal Pyre- Nainam Dahati Pavakah”

Author: Avantika Debnath

Publisher: Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-13: 978-9384028473

Rating: 4/5



This story is about-

“Girls need to adjust a little after marriage.” Said her mother. And she obeyed her mother’s words. She gave up on her dreams… her hopes… her happiness… her self-respect… her father’s dignity… her mother’s honor… and herself. But she couldn’t give up on her child. The child whom she never saw, named, or held close to her heart…The child whom she couldn’t give birth to. She obeyed her mother’s words but then…. Her own motherhood was taken away from her. She blew the conch shell and declared a war. She stood against all, the husband, the society, the law of the land and the leaders of the people. The local goons….politicians …corrupt police officers and lawyers…irresponsible judges…the opportunist media…the futile judicial system…wasted legal system…no one could stop her. She feared none. She could not be broken or be burnt….And they said even the holy Ganga would refuse to immerse her… She was no more a body with a soul. She was a soul with a body. And the soul doesn’t get torn, doesn’t get drowned, and doesn’t get burnt. She sat on her pyre and set it ablaze…

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Breakup Before Love by Raj Singh


Book Review:

“Breakup Before  Love”

Author: raj singh

Publisher: Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-13: 978-9384028503

Rating: 3.5/5



This story is about Anoop, a crazy lover, struggling to lead a normal life, and slowly moving towards it too, meets Ritu, the girl he loved. On seeing her after three years, he is confused whether she will recognize him or not. Her sudden reappearance drags him into the past. Friendship, love, and betrayal had left him blank and completely stranded, but the way she reacts on seeing him gives him a ray of hope. It seems as if nothing had gone wrong between them. They hug each other and burst into tears unmindful of the people around them. Anoop repents for the dreadful mistake he had committed in the past, and now wants her back in his life. He requests her for a permanent relationship. But will Ritu come back into his life again? Will she forgive him? And, will their life start over again?

If you love reading romantic novel then this is a perfect book for you.


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