Why 90% of Seculars are anti-Hindu and muslim supporters?


Why are political parties in India favouring Muslims considered secular, but those supporting Hinduism are considered communal?

Its an expired funda of Indian politics, in fact because of this kind of behavior secularism is a dirty word in Indian politics these days. a true secular will not have religion as variable in its political calculation. However congress and such communal parties have paid heavy price in recent election because people to have realized this disgusting practice.

Relations between political parties and Muslims in India are more sentimental than rational. Instead of a healthy relation, one sees a relationship based on mutual exploitation, mistrust and blackmail. On one hand, political parties just want to use the Muslims for their immediate interests and on the other hand Muslims are content to be playing the role of pawns in political games.

Think four times before supporting any political party. Its all about our future.

Never go blind. Even If you don’t have eyes.


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